Past Events

  • February 23, 2016 9pm PBS on Frontline, A searing look at America’s heroin crisis. From the streets of Seattle to the halls of power in Washington, this two-hour investigation examines the shifting landscape of America's war on drugs—and what happens when addiction is treated as a public health issue, not a crime Chasing Heroin. More Information 
  • DEA Drug take back information. To learn where you can safely dispose of your leftover medications click here


  • Youth Are Exposed to More Than Three Alcohol Ads Per Day
    Middle schoolers in Southern California see or hear an average of 3.1 alcohol advertisements every day, according to a new RAND study. African Americans and Hispanics are exposed to more ads than whites, and girls are exposed to more than boys. Read more »

  • Adolescent Alcohol and Marijuana Use
    Youth who use both marijuana and alcohol during middle school and high school are more likely to have poor academic performance and mental health during high school. That's according to a new RAND study. Moreover, marijuana use was predictive of poorer functioning across more areas. Read more »

  • Legal Pot: What Are the Public Health Effects?
    Legalizing and allowing profit-maximizing firms to produce, sell, and advertise recreational marijuana would likely increase marijuana use. Is this bad news for public health? Not necessarily, says RAND's Beau Kilmer. Read more »

  • Acetylfentanyl-laced cocaine may have killed two in King County
    This week, the King County Medical Examiner’s Office conducted autopsies on two women who apparently died from cocaine that may have been contaminated with acetylfentanyl. Read More>>

  • The Smoke and Mirrors of Tobacco Regulations William G. Shadel, Newsweek
  • Heroin use in U.S. reaches "alarming" 20-year high – CBS News
    Heroin use has reached the highest level in 20 years in the United States, according to a new global drug report that calls the trend "alarming."

  • The Childhood Incidents That Increase Later Suicide Risk – HealthDay News
    Adults who witnessed parental domestic violence in childhood are at increased risk for suicide attempts, a new study finds.

  • E-Cigarettes a Gateway to Smoking for Teens: Study – HealthDay News
    Teens in the United States who use electronic cigarettes are six times more likely to move on to traditional cigarettes compared to kids who never use the devices, a new study reports.

  • Leftover opioid painkillers get shared, raising risk – CBS News
    More than half the patients prescribed opioid painkillers in a recent U.S. study received more than they needed. And many shared the drugs or failed to store them securely, a new survey indicates.

  • American Medical Association declares gun violence a public health crisis –
    The American Medical Association announced that the organization has adopted a policy that calls gun violence a public health crisis and plans lobby Congress to overturn laws that prevent the CDC from studying gun violence.

  • Study: Teen vaping leads to cigarette use –
    Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson of Seattle Children’s talks about a new study that reports adolescents who vape are 6 times more likely to smoke cigarettes in early adulthood.

  • Alcohol and Marijuana Use Trajectories in a Diverse Longitudinal Sample of Adolescents: Examining Use Patterns from Age 11 to 17 Years
    Adolescents who use both marijuana and alcohol are more likely to have poor academic performance and mental health during high school. Marijuana use is predictive of poorer functioning across more areas than alcohol use, and nonwhite youth tend to experience poorer functioning than white youth. Read more »